ayla marika



I’m Ayla Marika, a visual artist and illustrator based near Canberra, Australia. I specialise in hand-drawn illustration using ink pen, graphite, charcoal, as well as digital painting and collage using Adobe Photoshop. The illustration I produce is 100% hand-drawn using traditional mediums (eg pen on paper), which is then often subjected to various degrees of digital manipulation. I am also excited by the artistic possibilities of books, marketing and public relations and tie these into my art practice too.

I appreciate, self-study and practice real drawing technique including figure and anatomical drawing, and I consider good craftsmanship and technique essential to my art production and illustration. I don’t like and am suspicious of contemporary art and curriculum that disregards technique. I believe visual art is a tool for communication, and to communicate well as a visual artist (like a musician) I have a responsibility to develop technical mastery of my instrument so that I can express my visions, voice and intentions with clarity.

Influences and Style

I am inspired by music (psy, rock, metal), art nouveau, nostalgic vintage stuff, early cartoons, psychedelia, and pre-modern imagery. Visual artists I am drawn to and influenced by include:


I am currently seeking commissions and collaborative partnerships for music-related projects, particularly for psychedelic rock and metal styles. This includes CD/EP/LP covers, posters, shirt designs, and/or visual branding.

Ideally, I would like to develop a long-term symbiotic relationship with an original band or musician who, through their music, shares the same creative vision and artistic feel as me. If you want to check out if my work is compatible with your style, just browse through my website.

Alongside my visual art and illustration skills I have experience and qualifications in music business and sound production, as well as graphic design and marketing, which would prove highly valuable in my production of visual art for music projects.

If you’re keen to work together, email me at ayla (at) amarika.com.au


Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)                              2017    Curtin University of Technology

Advanced Diploma of Public Relations          2014    Canberra Institute of Technology

Certificate IV in Screen and Media                2014    Canberra Institute of Technology

Certificate IV in Business Administration        2012    Canberra Institute of Technology

Diploma of Music Industry (Technical)          2008    Canberra Institute of Technology

Diploma of Music Industry (Business)            2008    Canberra Institute of Technology