ayla marika


Hello! My name is Ayla Marika and I’m a visual artist based in Canberra, Australia.
I specialise in hand-drawn illustration (ink, graphite, charcoal) and 2D animation.
I also paint, collage and build/assemble/create other visual pieces as I fancy.
Lately I have been exploring the artistic possibilities of books and public relations.
I like art nouveau, nostalgic vintage stuff, early cartoons, psychedelia, and pre-modern imagery.

Artistic influences

Seeking Music Commissions

I am currently seeking commissions for music-related projects, particularly for psychedelic rock and metal styles. This includes album covers, posters, shirt designs, animated music videos, and/or visual branding.

Alongside my visual art and illustration skills I have a background in music business and sound production, as well as graphic design and marketing, which would prove highly valuable in my production of visual art for music projects.

Ideally, I would like to develop a long-term symbiotic relationship with an original band or musician who, through their music, shares the same creative vision and artistic feel as me.

For more information, see my EOI: Visual artist seeking music art commissions


I am available for illustration and visual art commissions on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me via email to enquire.

I no longer offer graphic design and web design services under the pseudonym Amarika Illustration and Design, however may offer these services in special cases (eg music commissions).

I do not offer vector illustration services at this time. The illustration I produce is 100% hand-drawn using traditional mediums (eg pen on paper), it is not produced using digital illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator.