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November 7, 2014 Looking at Royksopp’s ‘Remind Me’ music vid Posted In: Uncategorized

Remind Me – Royksopp. Directed by H5.

I am very much in love with this music video, probably more than is healthy. I believe it to be one of the best music videos I have ever seen. It captures a mood, concept and atmosphere that truly resonates with me. I first saw it probably 8 years ago, and it hasn’t left my mind since. The simple communication of the complex societal structure through the use of infographics and isometric drawings really does something for me. Simple utilitarian drawing methods and carefully selected pastel colour groups evoke a sense of calm and peace with my place in society. Usually I am a leftie, complaining about our modern society and need to go back to more pre-modern ways of living, but this music video brings me a sense of home and comfort in this place and time. From this video I actually feel comfortable in being complacent. It is such a powerful feeling, I have been needing to capture it, but haven’t quite been able to grasp it yet. I’m just scared that if I go down this path, I could lose myself here, I will never leave the idealistic world of infographics and isometric drawing!

Calm evoking colours are used, these are probably colours taken from real instruction manuals such as aircraft safety manuals (which I also adore!!) and the colours would be carefully chosen based on the psychology of marketing and communication. They remind me of the 80’s. Soft pastels, sometimes solid, sometimes with gradients fading into white. White is a dominant colour, it is clean and crisp, non-distracting. The colours are too calm evoking to not have some scientific reasoning behind them. An infographic describing colour psychology in marketing is here https://blog.kissmetrics.com/color-psychology/

Yes, this all overlaps very much into marketing. Marketing, graphic design and fine art are not so different. All involve the craft of persuasion. I need to embrace my marketing & public relations experience in my art making. I will complete an Advanced Diploma of Public Relations at the end of the year and have been working in this arena for several years, so it’s natural I go down this path. In particular there is a need in this style of visual to capture a complex idea and find ways of graphically and textually dumbing it down into a form that viewers can easily consume and understand, and to easily see relationships between seemingly separate events. This is the art of the infographic.

The purpose of the infographic is to communicate simply complex interactions and constructs. So the infographic is deceptively simple – in fact it is quite complex. A lot of research into the subject needs to be made to provide the exact details in the infographic such as percentiles, materials, distances, weather trends, accurate relationships between places and objects. This comes down to research, testing and observation.

Digital drawing is the prime tool for creating infographics. It is capable is generating the crisp, clean and accurate lines required in isometric drawing. There is also no traditional (non digital) tool that could colour it so smoothly, although air-brushing in the manner of Arkey could come close (Arkley’s work actually has a lot of similarity with isometric drawing and infographics). Precise angles: 30deg, 45deg and 90deg should be used.