Photography by Tim Duck.



Installation set-up and ready to go. Originally a marquee was planned but severe wind forecast meant a more secure tent was required. The three artworks by Ayla were placed in the left wing of the tent, the artworks by Kitty placed in the right wing. The centre was a carpeted ‘lounge room’ that festival goers could relax in with cushions, lighting and picture books. In the evening the tent and signage were lit with solar spotlights. Open hours of the installation were approx midday to midnight each day of the festival.



Signage explained to festival-goers how to interact with the installation and explained the purpose of the installation. Sign drawn and collaged by Ayla.



The left wing of the tent housed Ayla’s artworks mounted on stakes and attached with metal strapping to form a free-standing triptych. Audio recorders were attached to this by a chain. Beneath the artworks were instructions for recording and playing back audio for festival-goers. Separate recorders and players (with headphones) were used for recording and listening to files respectively, and files from the recorder were transferred to the player several times a day.



The right wing of the tent housed Kitty’s artworks mounted in the same way as the other triptych, including it’s own set of recorders, players, headphones and instructions for use. Both Kitty and Ayla’s triptychs were lit with their own high-powered LED worklights at night, powered by a car battery, allowing festival goers to interact with the installation during night and day.



Recorders were encased for ease of use for festival goers to avoid confusion over the function of other buttons, and also to prevent accidental deletion of files. It also allowed recorders to be chained to the triptych stands.



We of course took some time to enjoy the festival as well, and here is a makeshift chair made of sticks and twine Ayla made during some spare time. Interesting design, not recommended for sitting though!



Here is the Burning Man… well, Burning Kangaroo.



The Burning Kangaroo at the beginning of the burn. Within an hour or two there would be nothing left except a big bonfire!



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