ayla marika

How Hot Dogs are Made animation

Designed and Animated by Ayla Marika

If you’ve ever held a hot dog and thought, “what am I really eating?” this is for you. See how sausage, bread, mustard and ketchup are made and come together in this short animation.

Presented as a series of infographics, discover how sausages, buns, and even how mustard and ketchup are created… and watch how they stack together to form your tasty hot dog sandwich (or whatever you choose to call it).

This is a promotional video for the book ‘How Food is Made: An illustrated guide to how everyday food is produced’ by Ayla Marika.¬†For more info about the book visit here.

Portfolio Details

CLIENT : How Food is Made book

DATE : 2021

TAGS : Design, Illustration

WEBSITE : http://howfoodismade.aylamarika.com